Welcome, Marisa

Just as we're getting to know her, we'd like you to get to know her too! Here's a little info about the 2008 Gatewood Prize winner, Marisa Crawford: Marisa Crawford grew up in New York and in Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, where she studied Creative Writing and Women’s Studies, and received her MFA from San Francisco State University. She currently lives in San Francisco where she works as a retail copywriter and has recently joined a synchronized swimming team. Some of her poems have appeared in Invisible Ear, Big Bell, GlitterPony and Parthenon West. Her first full-length manuscript, The Haunted House, is forthcoming from Switchback Books. Synchronized

The Bodyfeel Lexicon officially for sale!

Ladies & Gents, The Bodyfeel Lexicon, by Jessica Bozek, is now officially for sale at the Switchback website. If you missed the Switchback table at AWP, this book was going like hotcakes! Buy yours today!

Switchback hearts YOU.

...Almost as much as we heart Marisa Crawford, selected by Denise Duhamel as the winner of the 2008 Gatewood Prize. Here's a poem of hers perfect for today, enjoy, and Happy Luv Day! VALENTINE'S DAY When Andi said don’t I have a beautiful body, and clutched the skeleton key. I saw two sorority sisters today and they were wearing brown sorority sweaters with gold sorority letters. On the contrary, I don’t want distance at all. Not at all. If you’re ever bored up in the attic, you can rearrange the letters in my name. If you ever need a recommendation, just light another candle. One of the sorority girls had long red hair and feathered bangs, a great figure, Californi

Switchback Guide to AWP

Overwhelmed by the lists of AWP panels and offsite readings? Calm your bleary eyes: just stick with the Switchback staff, who are all pros at getting through the Chicago winter. We recommend the Pick Me Up Cafe for your Links Hall pregame, as well as the Belgian beer at the Hopleaf. As for Switchback hometown trivia: Three-and-a-half blocks northwest of the conference hotel, in Room 311 of the 33 E. Congress building of Columbia College Chicago, a little press called Switchback Books was born three years ago. Over on Dearborn, many a Switchback meeting has unraveled into hooliganry--feminist hooliganry, mind you!--at Hackney's and Kasey's. Oh, and we've got some poetry for you, too, incl

2008 Gatewood Prizewinner Announced!

As if there weren't enough already going on, we wanted to throw some more information at you... Denise Duhamel has selected Marisa Crawford's The Haunted House as the winner of the 2008 Gatewood Prize. Congratulations, Marisa!! The ten finalists that Denise reviewed included the following manuscripts, in no particular order: 1. Bad Town by Olivia Cronk 2. Alchemy & Other Misfires by Brianna Colburn 3. & Waited by Kristin Hatch 4. The Haunted House by Marisa Crawford 5. Perpetua Takes a Backseat by Catherine Cafferty 6. Wheel to Wing by Steffi Drewes 7. Fact & Act by Rosa Alcala 8. Whale in the Woods by Blueberry Morningsnow 9. The Broken Zoo by Melanie Jordan 10. Darling Bea

Switchback Founding Editors' Week in Review

Sunday: Brandi Homan finds out that Shearsman Books will publish her second book, Bobcat Country. Some kinda pigskin game going on in background. 30s and cloudy in Chicago. Thursday: Becca Klaver receives her chapbooks, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape from the greying ghost press in a box full of confetti. Windy and low of 1 degree in Chicago. Saturday: Hanna arrives to our handwrite-phrases-from-The-Bodyfeel-Lexicon-on-matchbooks meeting at Megan's big bright apartment in Pilsen with copies of her chapbook, a / long / division (Tilt Press), in hand. 59 and sunny in Chicago.

A Broader Vocabulary

Milwaukee's feminist bookstore, Broad Vocabulary, recently had to close its doors. They're hoping to reopen under a cooperative model: please consider donating or becoming a member for $25/year by sending a check toBroader Vocabulary, PO Box 070612, Milwaukee, WI 53207, or paying via the Paypal button on their blog.

Editors are poets too!

...And founding editor Becca Klaver's new chapbook, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape, is officially available from the greying ghost press! Please go congratulate her (and see pics!) here.

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