Gatewood Prize Now Open to Electronic Submissions!

Starting immediately and through October 1, Switchback Books will be accepting electronic entries for The Gatewood Prize. The Gatewood Prize is Switchback Books' annual competition for a first full-length (48-80 pp.) collection of poems by a woman writing in English between the ages of 18 and 39. To submit electronically: Send a PDF (preferred) or DOC to contest [at] switchbackbooks [dot] com. If you have concerns about formatting, please send a hard copy instead. Send check for $15 made out to "Switchback Books" via post (Switchback Books / PO Box 478868 / Chicago, IL 60647) with manuscript title and e-submission date in the memo field. Please read our COMPLETE GUIDELINES before submi

Happy Women's Equality Day!

Women's Equality Day was established in 1971 by Rep. Bella Abzug marks the anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920. Take some time to celebrate the women (and men) who worked so hard to earn suffrage for women!

Peggy Munson on Verse Daily!

Switchback poet and all-around genius Peggy Munson was featured on Verse Daily yesterday! Click here to read Speedy Inexpensive Chaos Theory Poem About Short Term Memory Loss, from Pathogenesis, published by Switchback Books in February.

Bridgeport Allstars: Saturday August 23rd 7pm

Howdy faithful readers of the Switchback blog, I hope you will all consider heading down to the southside of Chicago this Saturday to support our friend Ian Whitmore. Ian has been lending a very needed hand with design work for us and he also happens to be a great photographer. I won't mention that he's a Tottenham fan. WHOOPS! If I can forgive him this, so can you. August 23, 2008: Bridgeport All Stars. The Bridgeport All Stars show is a snapshot of work made by artists living and working in the community of the future. People like: John Salhus, Linda Kim, Steve Badauskas, Steven Stankowicz, Rachael Marszewski, Rachel Welling, Judy Natal, Sarah Kenney, Kelly Schmal, Rhett Johnson, Brad Bian

Lawsuit says NY women's classes are discriminatory

NEW YORK (AP) -- A man who uses lawsuits to crusade against feminists has sued Columbia University, saying its women's studies program is unconstitutional because there's no comparable men's program. Attorney Roy Den Hollander filed the lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan on Monday. The lawsuit claims the women's studies program is discriminatory. It says the university uses government aid to promote a religious belief system known as feminism. It seeks a men's program or an end to the women's program. Columbia University has no comment on the lawsuit. Hollander last year filed a lawsuit saying ladies' nights at Manhattan nightclubs are discriminatory because they offer women free

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Switchback fundraiser on Thursday -- it was lovely seeing all of you. Special thanks to whoever played "Just Like Heaven" three times on the neon jukebox, and the staff at Irish Eyes for their kindness. See if you can guess which photo wasn't taken on Thursday ...

The Many Faces of an Indian Feminist

Ultra Violet is putting together an awesome collection of profiles of young Indian feminists. The site features the pictures and "mini" feminist manifestos of the profilees. Check out the previously posted profiles and/or submit your own here. Some choice quotes: In an ideal world, Feminism wouldn’t exist. And all feminists should work towards that ideal state when a woman won’t have to depend on legal intervention or resort to bra-burning to get her proportionate share of this world. ~Abhishek Vanamali, 31, Marketing & IT Professional, Mumbai Some people around think I should call myself a “humanist” or at least, not a feminist “because you love men and talk about the repercussion

Irish Eyes Fundraiser Listing in Time Out Chicago

Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:00 p.m. Irish Eyes 2519 N Lincoln Ave (at Altgeld St) Lincoln Park, Chicago 773-348-9548 El: Brown, Purple (24hrs), Red to Fullerton. Bus: 9, 11, 74 Poetry press Switchback Books needs to raise some cash, but don't expect this to be a somber affair. The publisher's staff will serve as bartenders and keep all of the tips for their till. No poetry is actually on the docket, but we're guessing that if they pour enough stiff drinks, someone will break into verse.

Submit to Elephant!

Elephant Zine is now accepting submissions for Volume 3: Immigrants. Send us any poetry, flash fiction, or artwork (1 page or less please; artwork should be about 5 by 8, or half of a regular 5 by 11 page) relating to the question: "where are you from?" You can talk about your ancestry, your hometown, or your alien reptilian forebearers. Please include a brief (3 lines or so) bio and contact information. All submissions should be sent via e-mail to by November 1st. Elephant is a Chicago-based poetry zine dedicated to publishing a variety of styles and voices. We believe in uniting poets across genres, poetry for the people, respecting differences in style & aesthetic

Do You Buy Poetry? A Simple Poetry Survey

1) Have you bought a poetry publication in the last 12 months? (If you can't recall that far back, just what you remember within the last 12 months would be fine.) 2) If so, which one(s). If not, why not? 3) If you have bought a poetry publication, how did it/they come to your attention? Send your responses to Eileen Tabios, GalateaTen [at] aol [dot] com. More details at Eileen's blog, and see her answer here. From Eileen: I would like to post the results of this survey -- I'd be happy to post your answer anonymously (and obviously keep your identity confidential) if you let me know. If you don't buy poetry, I'd appreciate hearing from you and why not, too (even if your reason is t

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