Bethany of Midwest Book Review has a short and strong write up of Caroline Noble Whitbeck's Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device. Click here to read it.

Nov. 17th = Big Day For Switchback

Caroline Noble Whitbeck will read at the Publicly Complex Reading Series. Caroline Noble Whitbeck holds a BA in Classics (Latin) from Harvard College and an MFA from Brown University. Born and raised in New York City, she currently resides in Philadelphia, where she is working toward a PhD in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania. Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device is her first book. Where: Ada Books, 330 Dean Street, Providence RI When: November 17, 2007 Time: 6:00 PM . . . . . Meanwhile, Switchback Books will be sharing a table with our brothers-in-crime, Featherproof Books, at the 2007 DIY Trunk Show, an annual event bringing the

Reading Tonight!

ELBOWING OFF THE STAGE A Community Reading Series presents Carol Eding, Becca Klaver, Julie Rouse, & BJ Soloy in Adieu Broad Shoulders, Bonjour Tall Corn: A Poetry Reading Carol and Becca are both alums of the Columbia College M.F.A. poetry program and were both born on July 1st. BJ and Julie—of Minds of Winter fame, and now eternally bound in matrimony—will be leaving Chicago and heading off to Iowa at the end of the semester. Please come and bid them farewell! You’re encouraged to bring Goodbye Poems (yours or someone else’s) to read at the Open Mic portion of this event, which will be dedicated exclusively to poems of this ilk and will run from 7:00-7:30. Monday, November 12,


The numbers discussion has exploded just about everywhere right now, and the Chicago Review has posted the articles online which have sparked the recent debates. The articles can be found here. Here's what's posted: After reading the numerous responses to Juliana Spahr & Stephanie Young's "Numbers Trouble," Jennifer Ashton's response, and our note, it became clear that we should make these articles available online. We hope these essays will ground a larger exchange of ideas. Follow the links below for PDFs: “Numbers Trouble” by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young “The Numbers Trouble with ‘Numbers Trouble’” by Jennifer Ashton “Poetry Magazines & Women Poets” by Joshua Kotin and R

(Un)Holy Selves: Women Muslim Writers at The Guild Complex

from The Guild Complex website: (Un)Holy Selves - Muslim Women Writers Who is a "Muslim" woman? Newspapers, magazines, politicians, clergymen, imams, men, women, east/west all paint various pictures. Most of the time those pictures fit into one frame: oppressed, submissive, and asexual--a disembodied wrapped up cloth. How are (Muslim) women organized and working towards peace? Join community activists, artists, journalists, and teachers who struggle yet dream in order to forge creative, constructive means of shaping the multiple selves and the various worlds inhabited in this time of war and hunger. Date: Friday, November 9th Time: 7:00 to 9:00PM Cost: Free admission Location: Ar

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Post-Marginal Positions: Women and the UK Experimental/Avant-Garde Poetry Community

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