Daniela reads tomorrow! + Aurora Planned Parenthood

Everyone's favorite editorial assistant / intern coordinator, Daniela Olszewka reads tomorrow at Manhattan's as part of the "Elbowing Off the Stage" reading series: ELBOWING OFF THE STAGE: A COMMUNITY READING SERIES featuring poetry by Daniela Olszewska, Ivan Ramos, Rey Escobar, and Jesse Crouse Monday, September 24 7:00 P.M. Manhattan's Bar 415 S Dearborn St(312) 957-0460 near the corner of Congress and Dearborn Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported the last reading. It was a tremendous success! Continue to spread the word--readers of all genres & drinkers of all libations are welcome. (This one may include some surprise fiction writers!) Feel free to

2007 Gatewood Judge

Check out Verse Daily to see work by Patty Seyburn, our 2007 judge for the Gatewood Prize! After you've read her beautiful poem, submit to our beautiful contest.

OMG it's OCH!

We're thrilled to announce that Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device by Caroline Noble Whitbeck is now available. Get your hands on this powerhouse via Switchback's website, through SPD, or at Amazon. C.D. Wright's a fan: Opening with benisons infused with invective, Caroline Whitbeck's debut book reveals the armature of a classicist and the musculature of a crunk artist. The tone is forever-young exuberant; the vocabulary crosses every threshold, yet they are but understory to a flaming canopy. So, "strap a beefsteak to that, throw a / trainwreck. Hands / down where the money is these / days." As is Jen Tynes: The white breaks and silences are just as captivating and curious as

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