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Becca Klaver at Coconut Hanna Andrews at DIAGRAM Brandi Homan at Georgetown Review Kristin Aardsma at Black Clock (print)

Hear Caroline Noble Whitbeck's Poems

Hear Caroline read the following poems in the 63rd episode of "Live at the Writers House," a long-standing collaboration of the people of the Kelly Writers House and of WXPN FM in Philadelphia: "Chokecherry" "They're All Out of Storm Names" "See Daddy Make a Deal" "Death Watch" from "Inheritance"

Another Review of 'Talk Shows'

Allan M. Jalon reviews Mónica de la Torre's Talk Shows in the San Francisco Chronicle. If you read any review, read this one! And buy the book so you can read "Soccer Dreams," which Jalon calls "a cool-surfaced, deep-exploding 9/11 poem that may be the best written on the event." It also wouldn't hurt you to dip into "university-saturated, street-aware, effortless-seeming foreignness on the cutting edge" that contains "all the idiomatic approachability in English available to a brilliant Mexico City young woman footloose in New York."

Upcoming Readings

Caroline Noble Whitbeck, our Gatewood Prize winner, reads at Robin's Bookstore -- "Philadelphia's Oldest Independent Bookstore" -- this Thursday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. with Tung-Hui Hu and G Emil Reutter. And on Friday, April 6, Switchback Books' editor-in-chief, Brandi Homan, reads at Chicago's DvA Gallery with Kristy Bowen, Bronmin Shumway, and Bonnie Summers. 2568 N. Lincoln Ave. 8:00 p.m.

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