Prompt manuscript withdrawal

Hi all, It has come to our attention that one of our finalist manuscripts was accepted for publication elsewhere while under our consideration. Needless to say, we are highly disappointed in this development. The author has been contacted and has admitted her neglect, but we just wanted to publish a short statement here in case anyone becomes aware of this situation through other means. Once we had decided on the finalists, we did research online to make sure that none of our finalists had already published a book-length project, but we didn't contact the finalists personally because our judge had not yet decided on the winner, and we didn't want to risk any outside influences on her decis

Love Fests

We're thrilled to announce that Advisory Board member Patty Seyburn will be judging the contest for the next Gatewood Prize (deadline: October 7, 2007). See complete guidelines here. And, because of some fierce and dedicated skirting of the status quo around here, we have several promotions to announce within our own ranks. Kristin Aardsma now wears a sash that reads "Editor," and Daniela Olszewska and LaRaie Zimm sport matching "Editorial Assistant" fanny packs. We'd also like to welcome Yvette Thomas and Jennifer Steele, our fabulous new interns. Thanks to Patty, Kristin, Daniela, LaRaie, Yvette, and Jennifer for all of their support. Hope to see you at the Clipper on Valentine's D

Winner of the 2006 Gatewood Prize!

And the winner is... Caroline Noble Whitbeck, for her manuscript, Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device. Congratulations to Caroline and the rest of our finalists, listed here in no particular order: Allison Titus, Barter, Fasten Lisa Furmanski, Famish Lesley Jenike, Ghost of Fashion Julie Choffel, Massacre of the Perfection of Snails Kristy Odelius, Strange Trades Julie Doxsee, Undersleep Eileen G'Sell, Gently Now, The Revolutions Melanie Jordan, The Broken Zoo Julie Doxsee, Of Unsuspended Suns Thanks so much to all of our contest entrants! We were thrilled with the variety and overall quality of the manuscripts we received. It was a very difficult decision. Thanks again

Switchback at AWP in February

Switchback Books presents “FROCK YOU: Poetry by Switchback and Friends,” an off-site poetry reading during the annual AWP conference in 2007. The event will take place Friday, March 2nd, at 8:00 pm at Django Lounge and Restaurant in Atlanta. Please join us in what is known as Django’s “Belly” for some poetry and general merry-making! Current participating poets include: Amanda Auchter Becca Klaver Brandi Homan Clay Matthews Hanna Andrews Jackie White Jason Bredle Jeannine Hall Gailey Jen Tynes Kristin Aardsma Kristy Bowen Kristy Odelius Mary Biddinger Michael Robins Simone Muench Teresa Miller Tony Trigilio William Allegrezza Yvette Thomas Live music will immediately

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