Check out our new web pages

We've added a new Events page to the site that lists where you can find readings and events featuring Switchback staff members, and more importantly, Mónica de la Torre. There's also (finally!) a page with information on our board members, check it out!

Just a quick update

So, we've been busy proofing galleys, recruiting interns, doing press kits, and recruiting readers/researching locations for an after-hours reading/shindig at AWP next year. We're pleased to announce the addition of two interns (lifesavers!): LaRaie Zimm and BJ Soloy. LaRaie's profile is up at our site; look for BJ's soon. We are 'specially excited about the interest we've had in our AWP reading... as soon as the lineup is complete, we'll post.

Oooooooooooh, is it pretty

Saw a sample spread of the book for the first time in layout form... boy, does it look good! Building up to getting galleys out to reviewers...

Advisory Board Update

We've heard back from five of the eight people we asked to be on our advisory board, and we just can't wait to announce them all together--we're too excited! And the five are: - Denise Duhamel - Arielle Greenberg - Simone Muench - Carol Muske-Dukes - Patty Seyburn Look for updates on our website with their bios and photos soon ;) Also, look for our ad in the upcoming issue of American Poetry Review!

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