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In this elusive debut collection, Jessica Bozek presents a system of moving parts, of animal lunges, and sudden lootings-documents epistolary and fragmented that form, re-form, and deform language. Staged as a fiction via the paratextual sleight of its introduction, The Bodyfeel Lexicon chronicles and catalogues transformation as a way of evading and understanding bodies and selves. Readers might register the shuttlings of the book's interlocutors as playful linguistic performances of the animal transformations they devise for each other. The Bodyfeel Lexicon flies at several altitudes, the demarcations of which threaten dissolution at every turn. The Bodyfeel Lexicon was a finalist for the 2007 Gatewood Prize.


Tarpaulin Sky review of The Bodyfeel Lexicon


Jessica Bozek is the author of The Tales (Les Figues Press, 2013), The Bodyfeel Lexicon (Switchback, 2009) and several chapbooks, including Other People's Emergencies (Hive), Squint into the Sun (Dancing Girl), Touristing (Dusie), and cor-re-spond-ence (Dusie). Her poems have appeared in Action, Yes, Coconut, Fairy Tale Review, P-QUEUE, and Womb. Jessica runs the Small Animal Project Reading Series and lives with her family in Cambridge, MA.

I Thought I Was New Here interview with Jessica Bozek

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