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Slope Move

"Slope Move is bittersweet indeed: a thorny junction between emotion, image, situation, abstraction. Discomfort hides (in plain sight) in details which ground the lyricism and allow complexity to the narrative. The birds are noticed, aren't they." —Thalia Field

"Slope Move is a poem in three parts that travels—through Berkeley, Iowa, Illinois—a sort of reverse migration. The you and I are in a relationship that is all about motion, all about refusing to rest, and much of this book, as a result, takes place in the spaces of travel: at a Motel 6, in an airplane, in traffic. It is through this motion that SLOPE MOVE is attentive to the quaking that makes everyone in relation to everyone else." —Juliana Spahr

Hanna Andrews studied poetry at Sarah Lawrence College, received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago, and a PhD from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 2006, she co-founded the feminist poetry press Switchback Books. She has served as Content Editor and Editor of the Poem-a-Day series at the Academy of American Poets, the curator of the Dikeou Literary Series in Denver, and Managing Editor of Witness Magazine. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Residence at UNLV, and lives in Las Vegas with her partner, Eryn Green, and their daughter Aya.   

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