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Winner of the 2023 Gatewood Prize


"In earthwork, Jill Khoury plunges us into the heartbreak of caregiving, maternal relationships, disability and abusive dismissal. Khoury's Plathesque battle tones, brilliant formalism, and attention to a white hot star of pain show the speaker taken apart and reassembled in multiple gazes including her/their own. This book's theme of paradoxical seeing and unseeing within family, their ferocious recollection will, in turn, unshackle the reader." --Cynthia Arrieu-King, 2023 Gatewood Prize judge

Jill Khoury (she/her) is a disabled poet and author of the collection Suites for the Modern Dancer (Sundress Publications) as well as the chapbooks Borrowed Bodies (Pudding House) and Chance Operations (Paper Nautilus). She is a Western Pennsylvania Writing Project fellow and has taught poetry in high school, university, and enrichment settings. Khoury holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and edits Rogue Agent, a journal of embodied poetry and art. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Copper Nickel, CALYX, diode, and The Shore. Winner of the Gatewood Prize from Switchback books, earthwork, is her second full-length poetry collection. Connect with her at

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