Switchback Books
Becca Klaver's Pick:

Scientific Method

\Encephalitis\ Your thoughts are oversized. Consult a deconstructionist.
\Vertigo\ Lick the salt rims of blender drinks, come of age in Australian toilets.

\Fatigue\ Evolve to a marsupial as you stuff corpses in your anatomical seam.
\Somnolence\ The most reptilian brain can go and leave. Camouflage connective skin.

\Insomnia\ Put whippets in your heart and let the rabbits breed. They will.
\Dysphasia\ Your words are not your children. They are the daughters
                    of men longing for daughters.

\Lost lymphocytes\ Prison guards are still called guards.
\Post-Exertional Fatigue\ If uppity women wear bloomers, find them hefty husbands.

\Cardiomyopathy\ Put an unsigned Valentine in the retard's box. It's a holiday.
\Myelin sheath\ We all know who you are and where you keep your boneyard.

\Short-term Memory Loss\ Misplace your prophylactics. Forget twenty-five symptoms.
\Lymph Adenopathy\ Even the invisible in pain is turned to grapes for Bacchic wine.

\Diagnosis\ Contort your body into Sanskrit letters. Now you are a performance artist.