Switchback Books

Julie Choffel

If Everyone Came to Me

and how I might feed them. would we invent a dinner, improv a sleepover? if everyone
awoke for breakfast. and everyone had an orange. this coming to.

if everyone dove into a river when the siren goes off. if, once wetted, we appeared in the
vicinity of that which we marry. grew all flowers bigger than dahlias and built all effects
out of these. and once out of flowers, used fake ones. sanctioned the struggle between the two
and watched them battle it out.

and when the nightingale comes to our playing of its music, and when it turns its back to
everyone and shatters into ten thousand shards of nightingale, and when we turn
ourselves over, do we receive these shards.


Julie Choffel lives in Oakland, California. You can find links to more of her work online at www.understory.blogspot.com. "If Everyone Came to Me" originally appeared in Bird Dog.