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2011 Gatewood Prize Winner: Cynthia Arrieu-King

Judge Harryette Mullen has selected Cynthia Arrieu-King's manuscript Manifest as the winner of the 2011 Gatewood Prize.

Congratulations, Cynthia!

The finalists:

  • LEMONWORLD & Other Poems by Carina Finn
  • Manifest by Cynthia Arrieu-King
  • the shiny jars aligned by Theresa Sotto
  • This Body of Islands by Steffi Drewes
  • Surge by Colleen McCarthy
  • We Lack in Equipment & Control by Jennifer H. Fortin
  • Anti-Portrait at Flashpoint by Cori Winrock
  • Who are your people, Sugar?: a ritual history by Ashley David
  • Flashes by Jennifer Firestone
  • Off to the Nervous Museum by Claire Donato
  • Semifinalists

  • Bubble-Like, Drastic, and Improbably Charming by Anji Reyner
  • We Can't Read This by Meg Day
  • an uncanny bouche of debaucheries by JJ Hastain
  • Candida: A Translation by Elaine Castillo
  • Perpetua Takes a Backseat by Catherine Cafferty
  • Congratulations to ALL our finalists, and thanks to everyone who submitted. You all make the contest process very difficult, and we are proud to have had such fine work to consider!