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2010 Gatewood Prize Winner: Jennifer Tamayo

Judge Cathy Park Hong has selected Jennifer Tamayo's manuscript Red Missed Aches Read Missed Aches Red Mistakes Read Mistakes as the winner of the 2010 Gatewood Prize.

Congratulations, Jennifer!

The finalists:

  • Ascensionist by Cynthia Arrieu-King
  • Black Peculiar by Khadijah Queen
  • Corsica Inside the Daughterhouse by Paige Taggart
  • Host by Julia Cohen
  • Off to the Nervous Museum by Claire Donato
  • Poems Unappearing by Elaine Bleakney
  • someday they would grow as dragons by Kristin Hatch
  • the sun a blazing zero by Shira Dentz
  • whelm by dawn lonsinger
  • Semifinalists

  • Detailing Trauma by Arianne Zwartjes
  • The June Cuckold and Other Tragedies by Catherine Theis
  • Kala Pani by Monica Mody
  • Congratulations to ALL our finalists, and thanks to everyone who submitted. You all make the contest process very difficult, and we are proud to have had such fine work to consider!