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2006 Gatewood Prize Winner: Caroline Noble Whitbeck

Judge Arielle Greenberg has selected Caroline Noble Whitbeck's manuscript, Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device, as the winner of the 2006 Gatewood Prize.

2006 Gatewood Prize Finalists

Click on the links below for a sample of each finalist's work.

  • Julie Choffel, Massacre of the Perfection of Snails
  • Julie Doxsee, Of Unsuspended Suns
  • Julie Doxsee, Undersleep
  • Lisa Furmanski, Famish
  • Eileen G'Sell, Gently Now, The Revolutions
  • Lesley Jenike, Ghost of Fashion
  • Melanie Jordan, The Broken Zoo
  • Kristy Odelius, Strange Trades
  • Allison Titus, Barter, Fasten